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Sumitra, a singer and songwriter from Los Angeles, CA, has released her brand new album "Indian Girl". The CD contains 13 tracks of soulful pop and jazz with influences from Joni Mitchell to Rickie Lee Jones and Sade. Sumitra moved from Austria to Los Angeles 4 months ago. Produced by Alex Machacek, ‘Indian Girl’, a collection of original songs that Sumitra wrote in the last 5 years, was recorded in 2003/04 and released in Austria in June 2004. "The album presents a collection of finely woven pop songs in a jazz setting far beyond any clichés. Sumitra’s high voice is backed seamlessly by fine musicians," Christian Bakony of the Jazzeit Magazine writes. The origins of Sumitra lie somewhere between southern India, New York and Vienna. Sumitra was born in New York and moved to Vienna, Austria, at the age of two. She has spent most of her life in Vienna. During the course of her education, she spent 5 years in England and 2 years in the U.S. Sumitra’s early years were influenced by the music of Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan and Al Jarreau. "I think that my music has a timeless quality and I hope it will always be that way. Just as when I perform, time stands still, in fact there is no element of time present," Sumitra says. "I have always placed an emphasis on music that is ‘performable, playable, live’. I have always wanted my music to be expressed, enhanced, brought to different levels by playing with and interacting with great musicians." "The vocal ability of Sumitra, as displayed in "Indian Girl", shines through this CD with a defining 'ease' as easily as it takes us on an intimate journey of life through lyrics which are articulate, stylized and most effectively lathered in conviction," independent reviewer Mari Alsatti writes. Sheila Robson/

For more information, contact: Sumitra Nanjundan e mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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