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Four new albums from Marco ESU and Idyllium Music Publishing.

For ESU, this 2010 is important for his new discography, with four new albums published by Idyllium Music Publishing (Milan-Italy), each album let listen the art in music of the composer.  

Talking about these works in music, we start with "Un Piccolo Universo" (an little universe), this is an album dedicated to classical guitars, in fact, listening tunes you can listen tracks with orchestral part for guitars, as genre is various, like classical, jazz, samba, flamenco and more styles of the little universe of classical guitar. An example is the tune from title "In 3 per la danza", an classical's style with an spanish fingerstyle and talking about the tune "l'antimelodia", this is not an melodic tune, its an experimental genre same the contemporary music, free style on melodies and composition. 

Here, on the same album, we can listen "Sogni senza fine", an old tune, written by Marco Esu on 1997 and published on this year, this is played with acoustic guitar, the sound is so different why all album is for classical guitars.   

The most orchestral albums is "New Flamenco, an contemporary opera on 10 tunes and on the tracks No 1 and No 7, anyone will listen the most orchestral compositions, on all album we can listen ensemble of various guitars and the genre of albums is contemporary classical and Flamenco, many on the Catalan's style, a new born of an old style as the Catalan in a contemporary opera, with an important part on this genre as imporovisation, as cromatic notes, all to give an difference emotion between easy melodies and strange melodies like the cromatic notes.   

About the Album "Epic Heart", here its all so many Celtic, dreaming in music an ancient life  with knights and ladies, kingdoms and dragons, forests and harmony between humans and nature, all with an epic's soul, today all beging to be a dream on a ancient time as a part of our culture and on our unconscious.   

Another albums is "Electronic & Metal X", this is an particular opera of Metal and Electronic music, very different from all other albums pusblished by this artist, here the genre is very pioneer and futurist, any melody is aggressive riff by riff and this is the first vitality of this genre. Any electronic's part giving all so futurist and contemporary.   

This collaction of albums are all instrumental music, as many part of the works of the artist, in fact, on last albums published by Idyllium, each tune is classical and instrumental. Made this album is an long work, to record the artist needed of so many time, after write any tune, these was played note by note, after a long work studying genres and on instruments.   

If you would have more informations and listen previews, you can on and . Always thanks to the great collaboration between the artist and label, each tune is published with a global distribution, with the new Digital systems that working around the world thanks to web, after the "old CDs", today anyone listening music with iPods and web's too.   

Esu and Idyllium working from many years on the global digital distribution, to begining with the album U.S.E. ANGIOLA for classical guitar, to do an long business experience and as long times they doing  international collaborations with so many companies and published with international and famous artists.   

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  • Artist / Group Name: Marco ESu Marco Esu
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