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Framework Acoustic Jazz Quartet

Here are five people very different from each other; chance meetings brought them together, but what they do share is a common, supporting framework: their love of music. Equally, they share respect for each other?s creativity within that framework.

Lauren Shub has appeared on Broadway, she brings her warm, lustrous voice and her impeccable sense of timing to the music she creates with violinist Michael Robbins, who has performed literally all over the world. He brings his brilliant improvisational lines to the music he creates with Latin percussionist Larry Marc-Aurele, who has been a creative percussive force since the early 1970?s. He brings his driving sense of rhythm and exotic instrumentation to the music he creates with bassist Willy Ryan, who has been performing and touring for over forty years. He brings his sense of swing and distinctive touch to the music he creates with acoustic guitarist Joseph Frame, the group's founder/leader. A solo guitarist for many years, he brings his strong harmonic approach and intricate fingerstyle technique to the music he creates within: Framework with Lauren Shub.

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  • Artist / Group Name: Framework
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