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FREE Download by Guitarist Nils

Nils Jiptner Nils Jiptner Cheryl Hughey

FREE download to the first 200 people of the song "Two Hearts" by Nils. Click on the "FREE download" link below.

"Two Hearts" have never been released on an album. However, it can be purchased at

About the song:

Two Hearts was recorded as a session demo with a session singer but never released.

"It was originally written for a singing fireman after 911. I wanted to include it in the last album, but the record company didn't want a vocal feature on the album," said Nils.

"When Nils gets busy with his funky groove it's a done deal...he is now firmly established as a major writer, performer and producer on the jazz scene."
- Denis, Poole, Smooth Jazz Therapy

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Nils Jiptner
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