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French Pianist Joins Kansas City Label


Kansas City USA -- 'ASR RECORDS announces the addition of Sebastien Paindestre to our artist roster. Pianist, composer, teacher and co-organizer of jazz concerts in Malakoff ( La Fabrica'son, France, near Paris). He started playing music rather late. Indeed he took his first piano lessons in 1988. Following the advice of Alain Béguin, percussionist and teacher ( artistic co-director of the 'Nuits des musiciens' ), he joined the ENMD in Montreuil in 1990 and attended sylvie Irla and Olivier Chauzu's classical piano lessons. He was then deeply touched by the beauty of musical pieces by Bach, Chopin, ravel and Debussy. In this school he got acquainted with the saxophonist Jean-Claude Fohrenbach's students and found jazz most appealing through them. The year after that he interrupted his classical studies and started learning jazz with this teacher and by listening carefully to the other students work. Among the students were David El Malek, Francois Homps, Alain Bugéli and Franck Oberson. At that time he met Antoine Paganotti. He put an end to his classical studies at the end of 1994 but eager to improve his art he joined Erik Berchot's piano section from 2000 to 2003 at the academy of arts in Bagnolet.
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  • Artist / Group Name: Sebastien Paindestre
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