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Gordon Haskell Album Relased Next Month

Do you Enjoy Jazz Music? Well If you do you will love Gordon Haskell described by all music guide as 'Haskell dresses like Johnny Cash and sings like a perfectly modulated blend of Kenny Rogers, Marvin Gaye, and (somehow) Nina Simone...all without the slightest hint of affectation'.  Since 2001 Audiences have fallen for his breakthrough hit  no 2 single 'How Wonderfull You Are' from the album Harry's Bar. Gone were the days when people would say weren't you a member of King Crimson? Since that album 4 more realses have taken place including  Everybody wants to Go to Heaven (Cd Single), Shadows On the Wall, The Road to Harrys Bar (DVD)& The Lady wants to Know. The Latter being excellent  Cover songs of  Michael Franks albums. 

Well he's back with a new albumn after spending time in his fathers homeland on a greek island (read his autobiography and you will find out his whole back story). The New album is called One Day soon and is relased on 6th September 2010 in the U.K  september 14th europe and America in october.     

The Press Relase from Fulfill Records  says

'We are so excited to be releasing Gordon Haskell’s new album One Day Soon on September 6th. It has taken a lifetime to develop his songwriting abilities. This new album joins all of the strands together, his musicianship, his outstanding song-writing, his knowledge of the ways of the world and a wonderful voice that only comes from experiencing that world 44 years of experience in fact, slowly developing, observing, and discovering his true self. We believe this has resulted in the best album of his life.'

Please Give this Quality Jazz artist a spin and you'll be blessed for ever with wonderfull tunes.  

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Gordon Haskell
  • Press Release Date: 06/09/2010-26/10/10
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