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Ictus Records' 30th Anniversary Collection

Press Release

ICTUS' 12-CD Box Set is scheduled for the release in March/April of 2006 from newly resurrected ICTUS label. This most important collection of music in the history of ICTUS Records, is a celebration for the 30th anniversary of the birth of one of the first independent labels of the 70's, a tribute to all great artists that made ICTUS exist, just for the love of music. The set could be pre-ordered at ICTUS website.

ICTUS' extremely limited, outstandingly lavish 12-CD boxset, further pushes limits of musical subject matter, and boundaries of conceptual package, as recently re-defined by Revenant Records' release of Albert Ayler's "Holy Ghost" and NotTwo's issue of "Alchemia" by Vandermark 5. This beautifully realized set includes 12 separate CDs, housed together in a one-of-its-kind unique box. Each volume of the set comes with its own custom designed plastic-free package and a very comprehensive booklet with many personal insights from ICTUS' creator. Rare pictures and essays from acclaimed critics, compliment the whole set.

Although some of the material on this set was previously released (primarily of vinyl), here for the first time, all of the tracks are presented in their original order and length, and are fully digitally re-mastered, which allows the listener to enjoy them in their original un-compromised beauty.

Comprehensive selections from the creative music event of 2006 is available on 1 CD that features Steve Lacy, Derek Bailey, Kent Carter, Anthony Coleman, John Zorn, Kent Carter, Alvin Curran, Evan Parker, Rova Saxophone Quartet, John Carter, John Fisher, Vinnie Golia, Tom Corra, Toshinori Kondo, Jack Wright, Ladonna Smith, Davey Williams, Eugene Chadbourne, Franz Koglmann, Gregg Goodman, Polly Bradfield, Radu Malfatti, Albert Mangelsdorf, Mitteleuropa Orchestra, Carlos Zingaro, Lol Coxhill, Martin Joseph, Melvin Poore, Gianluigi Trovesi, Marco Cappelli, Teo Jorgesmann, Lester Bowie, Tony Oxley, Andrea Centazzo and many others. The Introduction to ICTUS Records' 30th Anniversary CD can be ordered directly from website.

"Encouraging musicians to take ownership of every aspect of their work with complete artistic freedom, ICTUS' 30th Anniversary Collection brings together some of the brightest moments in free improvisation and jazz from one of the premiere independent labels "--Michael McCaw.

A limited number of promotional copies of ICTUS' introductory disc is available free of charge for professional jazz reviewers, music distributors, jazz radio programmers, etc. To request your complimentary copy please feel free to contact ICTUS.

ICTUS Records
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Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Steve Lacy
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