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Janet Robbins Releases Second Recording In Ambient/Instrumental Series,

"The music on Volume II is a continuation of music I began to write after my move to Woodstock. There is something in that area for me (for a lot of people) of a deep timelessness, where all is not comfortable, but rich in experience all the same. I was frequently moved to write songs that made me feel as if I was on a train in the middle of the night not knowing where I was being taken, or days walking through deep forests where, what was in the forest was so alive and magical, one might not remember to keep looking for the way out."

A move to the Catskills from the warmth of Southern California, and other life changing events, inspired Janet Robbins’ foray into instrumental music creating the self-produced/recorded three-song instrumental/vocal EP series, Carrying The Bag of Hearts, Interpreting the Birth of Stars. Volume One of the series received such critical praise as " these three songs showcase how emotional soundscape and ambient music can truly be" (; " space music/ambient music that is unusual and unique but doesn’t alienate people through overt experimentalism someone who strikes out in a new ambient direction" (Wind and Wire); " three multi-faceted jewels from the recesses of Robbins' being the music remains engaging even after repeated listenings " (Star’s End).

Having previously written words and music on piano and guitar, and influenced by the more ethereal tunesmiths of Kate Bush and Tori Amos as well as her own family’s musical history (her father, country singer/songwriter Marty Robbins) Janet found in a digital studio that she could write "with what seemed like an unlimited palette of sound and possibility...expressing and recording these very intense, tragic and beautiful moments in some cohesive way."

Carrying the Bag of Hearts, Interpreting the Birth of Stars, Vol. II was created utilizing a myriad of equipment: Logic Platinum on the Mac G-4, Mackie 24-8 mixing console, a Melletron and various plug-in effects, Lexicon reverb units, the Electrix Filter Factory and Electrix Repeater, various Emu synth modules and samplers, a Korg Wavestation, Fender guitars for loops as well as assorted household noises and Mom’s Lowry organ. Recorded and mixed: At Home Studios. Track Description: Tribal soundscape space track - "Prisons In Democracy"; Twinkly space track - "Under the Wesak Moon" and Massive Attack track - "Moid."

Available through,,, or for download through iTunes and similar sites.

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  • Artist / Group Name: Janet Robbins
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