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JazCraft Relocates From Hawaii To Long Beach, California

JazCraft Relocates From Hawaii To Long Beach, California

JazCraft which, among other achievements, started the nation’s first songwriting workshop as an accredited subject in a secondary public school, has recently relocated to Long Beach, California from Hawaii.

JazCraft is also the online home of internationally acclaimed pianist and composer, G. F. Mlely, whom the Washington Post calls "a tour de force." Acclaimed for his music around the world, Mlely’s composition Threnody, a track from the CD Re-Entry on the JazCraft label, was not long ago picked for Typerwriter Dreams, a New York theater production produced and presented by the Xoregos Performing Company.

Besides featuring jazz and songs with free mp3 audio bytes, the JazCraft web site also features literary essays and commentaries on the art, craft, and politics of music, a full-length book (having served as college-level reference material), advanced music theory, soon poetry, all of which are free to view and download, and has now turned to dance - hula, to be precise.

A new adjunct of JazCraft, Hawaii & Pacific, is now sponsoring hula classes in Long Beach under the direction of hula master Kalua. Kalua has been featured on television, stage, and in clubs. For more about Kalua, see the link given below.

Begun in Hawaii 8 years ago, JazCraft recently underwrote The Dance Of Life, The Dance Of Jazz, a 2-act music-theater piece - "spanning the gap between jazz and theater" - which is readying itself for production early next year. The writer’s earlier stagework (And All That Jazz originally Cocktail Lounge) ran 4 months in San Francisco.

As it presents itself, is truly "A Unique Resource - In Music and For Ideas In Music."


Pacific Songwriters Workshop

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Hawaii & Pacific

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