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Jazz Goa

Goans have given our country and the world for that matter, some great musicians. If the Indian film music industry is making international inroads these days, it is thanks to the foundations that were laid down by Goan musicians. Infact, Goa can now be called India’s music capital. Unfortunately the state of musicians in our music capital has deteriorated and keeps deteriorating by the day, thanks to short sighted event organizers and so called ‘promoters’ who have been happily promoting themselves over the years. They hardly notice, leave alone promote Goa’s immense music talent. It’s time to get organized with Jazz Goa! Jazz Goa is a springboard for emerging artistes and a professional platform for accomplished ones. The primary goal will be to recognize and promote local talent. A state of the art recording studio has been setup in Sangolda and a website has been launched to give local artistes an immediate world stage thanks to the internet. With the official launch of Jazz Goa in the real world and with the support of local music enthusiasts, Jazz Goa will work towards giving our artistes their rightful place in the sun in this beautiful, music loving, sun shining state of Goa. Jazz is the most open, alive and continously evolving form of music. It’s the only form of music that embraces all other sounds of music in the world today. And in the same spirit Jazz Goa will also be a record label that will release various genres of original music being created in Goa.

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  • Artist / Group Name: Jazz Goa
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