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Jazz Musician Pledges To Raise $50,000

Business entrepreneur and jazz musician, Leon makes plans to spearhead a fitting tribute to his late mother with a pledge to raise $50,000 for cancer research.

This bold undertaking solidifies just what is important to Leon. Leon believes that "man is at his best when he is helping others", and that is just what he does.

By day, Leon helps to improve the fitness and well-being of his clients at Fitness Now, located at 2171 Morris Avenue, Union, New Jersey.

Many clients with different lifestyles find that under his personal training tutelage they are experiencing a renewed appreciation for personal fitness, health and wellness. Likewise, he is also dedicated to young people. As a martial arts instructor, he is personally dedicated to teaching young people how to become positive citizens in society through character education and martial arts training.

Leon is a people person. His vision, his life’s philosophy and his love for his mother are all the lighthouses that guide him during this sincere endeavor. During the night owl hours, Leon is "One to One" with his music. He plays his jazz guitar, he writes his music and he reflects on life. As a musician of genuine talent and passion, he has often been heard saying, "I can’t make any new notes, but the notes I play are played with passion".

With that same passion he will use proceeds from his recently released solo CD, MY SOUL SPEAKS, to realize his goal of $50,000. To hear Leon’s music visit at or go to to purchase My Soul Speaks.

Smooth - SCOTT O'BRIEN say’s, "Leon caresses beautiful, gentle sounds out of his hollow body jazz guitar... the kind of sounds that make listening to this disc truly special and satisfying."

MY SOUL SPEAKS is now available at most major record stores: Borders Books Store, Barnes and Noble, Fye Records, Circuit City, Tower Records, Sam Goody.

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