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Jazz vocalist, Cynthia Basinet

Los Angeles, CA - Actress and jazz recording artist, Cynthia Basinet (aka c. basinet) known for hits like "Santa Baby" and "Tea for Two" featured amongst the collection of women in "1000 Peace Women Across the Globe" book, now available thru Amazon.

Book excerpt: Actress, model, and singer Cynthia Basinet understood the power of the internet to connect people when the medium rocketed her song "Santa Baby" around the world. The empowerment and self-determination she experienced prompted her to seek new connections in new ways. In May 2001 she sang for a different audience-refugees living in the western Sahara desert. More than 80 per cent women and children, 200,000 refugees are struggling to survive in the southwest corner of Algeria. Their refusal to return home and their fight for self-determination captured the attention of Cynthia Basinet.

Book description: The book introduces the 1000 women who were carefully chosen to represent the millions doing similar work around the world. These 1000 women were part of the "1000 Peace Women for the Nobel Peace Prize". Each one is presented on a double page, with a short biography and most of the women with a portrait photograph. Both, images and texts, were compiled by local journalists and authors, as well as by academics and members of organizations. The biographies give insight into the life and work of each of the 1000 women. They also reflect the cultural differences involved in evaluating personal data and build a colorful patchwork of different styles and types of biographies. The book is produced by Swiss publisher Kontrast and published internationally by Scalo.

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  • Artist / Group Name: c. basinet
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