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John Vanore & Abstract Truth Will Make You Love Jazz on Their New Release

March 9, 2010-New York, New York-John Vanore & Abstract Truth tear things up on their second release, Curiosity, which is being re-released in 2010. The original album was released in 1991, but this remastered edition is a must-have for jazz fans.

Abstract Truth, Vanore's Philadelphia based band consists of more than a dozen musicians, with Vanore's trumpet featured most prominently. Vanore is accompanied on Curiosity by Michael Mee, Mike Falcone, Rocco Bene, Joe Fallon, Brian Groder, Kevin Rodgers, Mike Galan, Jose Vidal, George Barnett, Ron Thomas Craig Smith, Joe Nero, Joe Mullen, and Dave de Fusco, all of whom bring a different instrument and sound to the table.

Curiosity is a jazz album that even listeners who know nothing about the skill the genre requires can be impressed by; the album's title track opener introduces the audience to the band by way of incredible trumpet solos by Vanore. You'll have goose bumps before the song is over, even if you don't know what a trumpet looks like or how impressive the notes he's playing really are.

The rest of the tracks follow suit, with solos from the rest of the instruments involved (including every big band instrument you can imagine) and incredibly well put together arrangements. Each track is unique but still embodies the band's style; "Rude" is a song with a swing and groove that'll make you wish you were seeing the band live, and "Origami" lets the trombones and other horn instruments play around with a jovial melody. Each question asked by the instrumental arrangements is answered perfectly.

Whether you're an old jazz fan or new to the genre, you'll love Curiosity. Even without a background in jazz or big band music, you can hear Vanore & Abstract Truth's talent. Vanore promises new work in the near future, giving you something to look forward to and something phenomenal to listen to in the meantime.

You can find more information about Curiosity at John Vanore's website. Abstract Truth is currently touring in the United States, and you find a list of the dates at their Myspace.

John Vanore & Abstract Truth celebrates the release of their new CD at Widener University -- Tues, March 16th, 7:30 pm (free to the public).

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