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Jon O'Bergh Releases Specters of Twilight (Experimental/Jazz/Avant-Garde)

Artist: Jon O'Bergh
Title: Specters of Twilight
Label: Pearl Jazz Recording Label
Release No.: PJRL-092209
Distribution: Cdbaby/Pearl Jazz Recording Label
Style: Experimental/Jazz/Soundtrack/TV-Film Score/Ambient/Sound Effects
Release Date: September 22, 2009
Availability: Cdbaby, Amazon & iTunes
Artist Website:

Jon O'Bergh released his Pearl Jazz Recording Label debut album Specters of Twilight on September 22, 2009.

Specters of Twilight was produced by Jon O'Bergh and features long time collaborater Ajamu Akinyele on bass. Specters of Twilight is Jon's sixth studio album and brings a mixture of experimental sound effects and jazz, including the controversial Lewis Allan song "Strange Fruit." Jon takes "Strange Fruit" through twists and turns remembering the past but always reflecting on the future. The song "Music of the Spheres" is comprised entirely of recordings of planets and pulsars in outer space.

For many years Jon O'Bergh's piano stylings has influenced and shaped the musical landscape in many genres. In addition to his own music, Jon has released five albums with the nu-jazz/funk/fusion band Gemini Soul, which he is still a part of today. While Gemini Soul is on hiatis, Jon welcomes you to listen to his innovative conception...Specters of Twilight.

About Jon O'Bergh's Musical Accomplishments:

Jon O'Bergh's second album "Carta," reached #1 nationwide for 2 months on the NAV chart; "Meditations from a Lost World," Jon's fourth release reached #3; while his other releases "Sacred Spaces"; "Songs from Other Planets"; and "Millennial Landscapes," which reached #2. He has also co-produced songs for Marcel on his 2003 release "Uptown : 2025 A.D.," and for Jarrod on his debut CD "Every Part of Me."

Jon has written music for television and recital music. "Timescape 2" for piano and violin introduced his music to San Francisco audiences in a concert that was subsequently broadcast by the National Public Radio station KQED.

The tracklisting for SPECTERS OF TWILIGHT is as follows:

01. Spectral Frequencies (Remix)
02. Shapeshifter 1
03. Fantasmagoria
04. First Ghost Dance (Remix)
05. Second Ghost Dance
06. Third Ghost Dance
07. Fourth Ghost Dance (Remix)
08. Spirit Chaser
09. Singularity
10. Spectral Frequencies (Revisited)
11. Shapeshifter 2
12. Music of the Spheres
13. Strange Fruit (Remix)
14. Schrödinger’s Box
15. Ghost in the Machine
16. Shapeshifter 3
17. Gymnopédie (Remix)
18. Penumbra
19. Threnody (Remix)
20. Shapeshifter 4
21. The Half Life of Cadmium Blue (Remix)

Jon O'Bergh - Discography: Millennial Landscapes (1998), Carta (2000), Sacred Spaces (2001), Meditations from a Lost World (2002), and Songs from Other Planets (2004)

You can also hear Jon O’Bergh on the following releases: Gemini Soul: A Cyber Jazz Holiday (2005), Liquid Soul (2007), Live : The Liquid Soul Tour (2007), The Nefertiti Xperience (2008), and Dark Skin Babies : The Movement (2009)

Ajamu Akinyele: Supernova (2005), Black Magic The Cyber Jazz Experience (2006)

Marcel: Uptown 2025 A.D. (2003)

Jarrod Anderson: Every Part of Me (2004)

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