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Kansas City Jazz Label Finds Distribution Solutions


Kansas City USA -- With a brand new release by label co-founder, Alaadeen, titled "New Africa Suite", making its commercial release in July 2005, 'ASR RECORDS management felt that the label needed to find a viable solution for secure online CD sales and major digital distribution. Especially since the new CD had been generating its own "buzz" and has already been met with qualified critical praise by professional jazz critics and fellow artists like Bobby Watson. Live sales have also been good and "New Africa Suite" has started to hit numerous jazz reporting station radio program playlists.

"We simply found an urgent need to find a solution and collectively decided to go with CD Baby mostly due to their reputation for e-commerce reliability, proven loyalty to artists and sales accounting credibility. Our roster has grown significantly since the label was founded over 10 years ago, we needed to have this vital area resolved for our artists' consideration," stated co-founder and CEO, Victoria "Fanny" Dunfee.

In addition to Alaadeen's, "New Africa Suite" being available at CD Baby, label mate Chris Burnett's critically praised debut, "Time Flies" is also now in the CD Baby store. Today, 'ASR RECORDS has a string of more than a dozen new releases from many of the prolific roster artists that are now in the release schedule pipeline as well. All of the 'ASR RECORDS Artists plan on going with CD Baby...

Upcoming release highlights to date include: Erica Lindsay has four new CDs completed; Sumi Tonooka has both, a trio and quartet project completed; Chris Burnett has completed writing and arranging all of the original music for three brand new CDs for his "Quartet Music" series of releases ready to go into the studio; the improvisational group, Trace Elements has three new live dates scheduled for release; and, the list goes on.

"Empowerment of the artist is what we are about, and CD Baby provides a vital empowerment resource to independent musicians. All of this great service, accounting of sales, and commitment to each client comes at a very reasonable price. I feel good about this releationship and have only one minor consideration that we could eventually have all of the 'ASR RECORDS titles linked together in the same location on the CD Baby store website somehow, but our web team can figure out how to do that type of thing on our end," adds co-founder, Alaadeen.

About The Label

'ASR RECORDS was co-founded in 1995 by our Kansas City native award-winning artist, Alaadeen; along with longtime community arts advocate, Victoria Dunfee. Their initial purpose and goals, which were relatively modest and simple, centered on providing a professional music label for deserving recording artist talent. Alaadeen was also the initial founding artist on the label, with his first commercial US Release of the CD titled, "Blues for RC and Josephine Too (ASR1001)". That debut release was met with qualified critical praise by such esteemed and established music industry publications such as: the Kansas City Jazz Ambassador Magazine (JAM), Jazz Times, Billboard Magazine, and the All Music Guide. Like all great music, this CD continues to sell and receive radio airplay. Alaadeen's band on this recording was also cited as "Best Unsigned Band (Jazz)" by a distiguished panel of industry experts through Musician Magazine.

The success of this 1995 debut label recording has formally validated the co-founders' initial purpose and goals. "Blues for RC and Josephine Too (ASR1001)" was now also successful as tangible evidence that artists who create recordings of the highest artistic qualities, do not necessarily sacrifice the important business aspects of commercial viability in doing so - which has been very encouraging.

Review by the All Music Guide - THANKS!

The Label Today

Since those early times, 'ASR RECORDS has expanded its focus to include other recording artists and producers on the label's roster. The label business model serves as a recording artist cooperative in function, whereby different generations of musicians are linked together through this form of mutually qualified peer association. 'ASR RECORDS is a small legitimate collective of high caliber artists, indeed. But also, a true jazz record label roster in reality and after 10 years, is well beyond consideration as an undertaking of mere vanity.

Both, experienced and mature artists now benefit from the nurturing environment here at 'ASR RECORDS. Music is a career choice for life. The individual artists on the label continued to grow and develop toward mastery of their craft. The initial and continuing success of 'ASR RECORDS in meeting its purpose and goals validates the fact that there are many talented and gifted jazz artists actively creating music outside of the mainstream network of the larger jazz labels.

Artist Profile

'ASR RECORDS Artists are among the most refreshing creative jazz talent today, who are also actively performing, composing, recording and producing their own original commercial music product releases.

'ASR RECORDS Artists retain all creative control and responsibility concerning all aspects of their musical career-related matters. Each artist is a proven leader in their own right, and all maintain active live performance activities in their respective geographic markets.

Our artists are award-winning performers, composers and producers whose credits include a Congressional Award, Broadway, Film and Television, various individual Songwriting and Composition Awards, and numerous other significant forms of tangible recognition for superior excellence in the field of music, along with significantly noteworthy contributions in national and international arts arenas.

Today, 'ASR RECORDS Artists are now able to publish and distribute their creative work viably using both traditional means and 21st Century technologies. 'ASR RECORDS Artists offer traditional CDs, CD-on-demand, CD Singles for portable devices, and their work can be found on most major retail store sites along with the popular music subscription services of today. Music licensing uses are available. 'ASR Records manufactured CD titles are made available to quality brick and mortar retailers by NorthCountry Distributors.

Additional Info

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