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Kne-O'Chaw Hampton, 13 year old jazz piano sensation wins new artist contest through Five String Pro

Kne-O'chaw' Hampton Kne-O'chaw' Hampton

13 year old jazz piano sensation, Kne-O'chaw Hampton will be performing at the 2006 Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival, January 26-28, 2006 in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Among the head liners scheduled to perform are Shaggy, Al Green, Nestor Torres, Richie Stevens, James Ingram, Air Supply, Maxi Priest and more to be announced. There is a 50 year anniversary tribute to Byron Lee.

Kne-O'chaw was interviewed by Jaijai Jackson on her radio program "Woman Of Jazz" at in Las Vegas and won a contest which her company Five Strings Productions sponsored. Jaijai Jackson states "It is so inspiring to discover such a talented young artist. Kne-O-Chaw is fresh, real and authentic. It is my proud honor to be a part of launching her career since it is my quest to find young jazz artists that know that jazz music is our American art form that needs to be realized by our new independent artists of today."

Kne-O-chaw also released her new CD project "Planet 9ine" on Jaijai's show back in August. Kne-O’chaw will perform on the New Artist Showcase stage at Air Jamaica Jazz & Blues Music Festival. The three other New Artist winners are jazz vocalist Monique Debose, Los Angeles based World Fusion Pop Artist singer/songwriter guitarist, Battista and jazz flutist Bradley Leighton. "I'm glad Jaijai introduced me to these hot new artists. "Jazz&Blues" is going to be a great platform for their career's", says Bill Walker, the Festival’s Entertainment Consultant.

Kne-O'Chaw has been performing on stage for more than 4 years. She composes and arranges her original songs, which she performs in her shows. She does perform copy material, mostly old jazz standards and plays classical, gospel and R&B as well. Kne-O'Chaw has been training for six years in classical and jazz piano with her personal instructor Christine Boyd of Willingboro, NJ. At 11 years old, Kne-O’Chaw was introduced to jazz pianist/organist William Peele, an 84-year=old retired navel officer who had a masters degree in music. Kne-O’Chaw stated that at the moment they met she knew she wanted him to teach her jazz and he knew she was someone special. He eventually dropped all of his students to teach her key jazz licks and all that he could about jazz piano.

Kne-O'chaw is releasing her new cd "Planet 9ine", on sale now on and has released the cd on her own label "Kne-O' Sound Production. This is Kne-O'chaw's third full-length cd.

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Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues festival:

Jaijai Jackson can be heard on Monday through Friday at 8pm-10pm Pacific Standard Time.

For more information on Kne-O'chaw Hampton or to schedule an interview please contact Robert Williams of T-Marquise Entertainment at ( at 609-576-2705.

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  • Artist / Group Name: Kne-O'chaw' Hampton
  • Press Release Date: January 26-28,2006
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