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Kne-O'chaw Hampton will be Interviewed by Jaijai Jackson

Kne-O'chaw Hampton will be Interviewed by Jaijai Jackson, the Daughter of Jazz Legend - Bassist Chubby Jackson on Program ``Woman of Jazz``
Posted: 2005-08-29

August 27, 2005 -- Kne-O'chaw Hampton will be interviewed by Jaijai Jackson of Five String Productions. Jaijai Jackson is the daughter of jazz legend-bassist Chubby Jackson. JaiJai recently launched her own jazz radio show through as the "Woman of Jazz." Jackson brings her experience and background to the benefit of launching new independent jazz artists on worldwide radio. is the official independent music supporter of all genres of music. Her format encompasses traditional swing jazz from her father's era, along with giving the platform to the new up-and-coming jazz artists of today. She is actively seeking new artists to promote on her show that align with the format of the music she showcases.

Kne-O'Chaw is a female jazz pianist and student attending the Levitt Visual and Performing Arts School in Willingboro, NJ, where she was a member of the school's Jazz Band. Kne-O'Chaw has been performing on stage for more than 3 years. She composes and arranges some of her original songs, which she performs in her shows.

She does perform copy material, mostly old jazz standards. She plays classical, gospel and R&B as well. Kne-O’Chaw has been training for five years in classical and jazz piano with her personal instructor Christine Boyd of Willingboro, NJ. She also made a guest appearance on a local Philadelphia Radio Gospel talk show to promote her CD.

Kne-O'chaw has been featured in the Bucks County Currier Times (Dec. 29, 2004) and in the Burlington County Times (Dec. 27, 2004).

You can listen to her every Sunday(2-6 pm) on WBZC - 88.9/95.1 FM - Time Out For Jazz show - w/Jeannie Becker.

You can purchase her cd at Her music is available at most popular digital download sites including Apple iTunes.

For more information on Kne-O’chaw Hampton or to schedule an interview please contact Robert Williams of T-Marquise Entertainment ( at 609-576-2705.

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Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Kne-O'chaw' Hampton
  • Press Release Date: 9/2/2005
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