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Legendary Hong Kong Jazz Drum Soloist Releases First DVD

Hong Kong's only legendary JAZZ drums soloist - Fernando Carpio

After a life-time of dedication to jazz drum soloing, Mr. Fernando Carpio was well known during the 60s and 70s in Hong Kong for his brilliant jazz drumming. A true musical artist in the 60s, Carpio was influenced by the mighty Buddy Rich from the USA. Fernando became good friends with Mr. Buddy Rich when he visited Hong Kong in 1956, while both exchanged ideas about drumming. Fernando is considered the "Drum King" in Hong Kong.

After 50 plus years of jazz drumming, Ace Hero Films is proudly releasing their first educational HD productions DVD.

Fenando Carpio 5.1 Parade DVD
The Drum Legend Master ¡Vseries

The DVD includes interviews and history, plus great live drum solos by Fernando displaying his controls of techniques and dynamics, especially with the snare, which is THE drum for jazz.

This DVD is a must to have, if you are a music or drum lover, especially when this unique performance is captured with great quality High Definition Productions.

A fantastic way to enjoy a dedicated lifetime musician's work!

A great music video from Fernando Carpio
The 5.1 parade is now up for preview

Click the link to preview Fernando promo video and more.

Information on Ace Hero Films productions:

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Fernando Carpio
  • Press Release Date: Releasing date July 22nd 2005
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