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Mark Saltman-William Knowles Join the PCAMI* Team

Paul Collins Artist Management International is pleased to announce the addition of Mark Saltman, bass and William Knowles, piano to our prolific musical family. These upcoming talented jazz musicians and gifted composers are from Washington, D.C., the home of the late great international jazz legend Duke Ellington. Their debut CD entitled "Sandcastles" showcases their music skills and potential as upcoming artists on the global jazz scene. Stand out tracks are: "Port 40", "Catch a Firefly", "Blue Ballerina", "Sandcastles", "Chicken & Whiskey". Several tracks are radio ready and a good ad agency will easily see tracks for advertising to the corporate marketplace and there is the possibility of tour. Look to hear more from these talents.

"Every time I hear someone say "new, "upcoming" and has a lot of "potential", it makes me nervous", say’s music impresario Paul Collins, "when in fact it should make me very happy to see jazz continue to grow. I do love it when young people take an interest in the music and we should celebrate when young musicians reach out to grow in these areas. I realize there is a little competition out here, as with most things we do, but believe it helps in some ways to bring capable talent and music to market. I heard an older jazz legend express it this way; there is enough room for all of us. We should not be territorial even thought it may be natural for us to be protective of certain things however, it does not prepare us for growth. What if Bill Gates kept his computer business in his garage? What if Henry Ford were content with building one or two cars a year? What if Thomas Edison only invented for himself? What if Oprah never gave? Find young musicians you connect with and take an interest in the ones putting forth the effort to succeed. Nothing comes without effort and a little help, which is the opposite of what the perception is. We can not do it all by ourselves as much as we would like. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes such as practicing and networking. It is a part of life. So my words are to lead, inspire, teach, support and give young jazz starts a chance and the jazz market will dictate what it wants. We may be pleasantly surprised at the results. When I think about Duke Ellington, who is beyond category, I think about someone who gave so much to music and the people around him. To me it was like he drew energy and creativity from the people he surrounded himself with. It never took away from his God given talent, it just enhanced it. In this respect, Duke Ellington is in my category for inspiration. ###

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  • Artist / Group Name: Saltman -Knowles
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