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Music Veteran Alfonzo Blackwell Sizzles during Black Music Month

Alfonzo Blackwell Alfonzo Blackwell Utopia Records
New York, NY (USA) American Jazz Saxophonist/Composer/Producer Alfonzo Blackwell is an African-American musician and entertainer who marks 2010 as his fifteenth year recording in the music business. He has much to celebrate with the major contributions to American music history and Black music history that he has made.

The multi-talented and gifted artist burst onto the contemporary jazz music scene in 1995 and has been releasing his unique and soulful blend of heartfelt and thought-provoking music ever since. His music crosses all boundaries; age, musical genres, racial and cultural which has made a lasting connection with fans across the world. In celebration of Blackwell’s 15th Anniversary, new music is forthcoming through the Utopia Records label imprint, set for release later this year. The new album entitled "Quintet: Portrait of Alfonzo Blackwell" will feature Alfonzo Blackwell playing live instrumentation on all 5 musical instruments (saxophones, piano, bass, guitar, drums). All 14 tracks are written, produced and performed by Blackwell. This marks his first concept album.

Alfonzo Blackwell joins the ranks of high-caliber, gifted artists such as John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Sarah Vaughn, Ella Fitzgerald, Quincy Jones, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, Anita Baker, Chaka Khan and so many others who have left indelible marks on music culture that has no expiration. The music spawned from these musicians are timeless classic masterpieces that will live on forever and continue to touch and inspire generations after generations. Their talents and gifts damn near defy the laws of gravity. The earth’s G-force is put to the test when these music greats do what they do. Black Music Month is geared to honor these artists and their accomplishment while celebrating feel good music.

Alfonzo Blackwell was born and raised in Queens, NY as a child he taught himself to play the piano by ear at the tender age of six. He then went on to pick up the saxophone at age eleven. Alfonzo instantly fell in love with the sax and then began his intense musical journey. Destined for greatness, this New York native was accepted at the prestigious (Fame) Performing Arts High School in NYC and then continued his advance studies at Queens College and Five Towns College in Long Island, NY. He performed at all the legendary jazz clubs throughout the tri-state area and earned a weekly residency at a popular Manhattan music hotspot. He inked his first record deal at age 23. After only four years in the record business, Blackwell gained enough music and business acumen to branch out on his own and founded Utopia Records, Inc. in 1999. He has been garnered with many music award nominations and has several Billboard chart-topping singles and albums to his credit. He has worked with the biggest names in the music business over the many years of his career. This music virtuoso not only masters the alto, soprano and tenor saxophones, Blackwell also is a well accomplished pianist, guitarist, bassist and drummer who writes, composes, arranges, produces, engineers, mixes and performs live instrumentation on all of his original music recordings. His music has long been the fusion of an infectious blend of Jazz, R&B, Hip-Hop and straight-up SOUL since his debut CD release, "Let’s Imagine". His mission has always been to bridge the musical gap between adult contemporary music such as Jazz and youth driven music such as Hip-Hop; and to promote unity in our living generations, cultures and communities around the world and thus inspire generations to come. His current CD release, "Dance To This" is a testament to this mission. Alfonzo sums it up best, "It's not the type or style of music, but good music, is good music, is good music. Period!"

Celebrate Black Music Month and become part of the history and legacy.

Alfonzo Blackwell Discography

"Quintet: Portrait of Alfonzo Blackwell" (2010) [Featuring an original power-ballad tribute to Michael Jackson titled ‘MJ’]

"Dance To This" (2008)

"Sax You Down" (2004)

"Reflections" (2001)

"The Time Is Now" (2000)

"Body of Soul" (1998)

"Alfonzo Blackwell" (1996)

"Let’s Imagine" (1995)

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