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New Gypsy Jazz CD - Amour DuJour

New Gypsy Jazz from two back to back releases from La Barrio Manouche on cdbaby - Gypsy Jazz American Style and Amour Dujour.... played acoustically on Selmer Maccaferi type guitars, with occasional violin and melodica, bass, and recorded acsoutically direct to digital, the tracks are well produced and balanced, each note can be felt. The Inaugaural GYPSY JAZZ AMERICAN STYLE is full of original and diverse sonic wizardry, an amalgum of styles as any gypsy caravan would pick up along the way. The sequel, AMOUR DuJOUR, is more sonic textures as the guitars dance and knead the brain into a new place. NOW available thru cdbaby at and After responses to the last show, a return show at ALLEGRO MUSIC in coral gables will be scheduled for october 2008. stay tuned for more news.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Tad La Barrio Manouche
  • Press Release Date: 10/1/2008
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