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New 'Net Show Makes Musicians 'Think About It!'

"Think About It!," a new Washington, DC-based Internet radio talk show, which will focus on helping independent musicians and recording artists dramatically improve their chances for exposure and financial success through its exploration of alternative business, marketing and promotion approaches, begins its official broadcast on Wednesday, January 5, 2005.

Co-hosted by president, Dr. Lovell L. Elliott, whose alternate radio personality is widely known as "JayBee," and president, Kenny Love, who is also a veteran record promoter and media publicist, the show will occasionally include special guests who will present first-hand accounts of their past and current methods, techniques and ideas that have brought and continue to bring them success within today's music industry.

"There are, possibly, a few isolated similar programs airing in some local areas, but we know of no such music business instructional programs being produced and aired that have such a wide scope and are capable of, literally, reaching musicians around the world on a regular basis," notes Love. "And, the Internet provides a wonderful opportunity for artists to have access to alternative information for success while taking complete advantage of the industry now affording them the easiest vehicle for success ever."

"Think About It!" will be aired as a prerecorded program regularly on Wednesday nights at 8:00 p.m. (EST), with a repeat of the program to air at each following Thursday at 12:00 Noon (EST), as well as it being archived for future listening by the public.

Artists, managers, booking agents, music attorneys, promoters, publicists and other industry personnel, who wish to be considered for guest appearances on the program in order to contribute ideas and content, are encouraged to contact the show's producers at (240)353-6880 or (936)545-2092.

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[About the Producers/Hosts]:

Dr. Lovell L. "JayBee" Elliott, President (

Dr. Lovell L. Elliott obtained his doctorate degree in Computer Science and Technology. "JayBee," his radio personality and identity, stems from a gentleman in his community who began referring to him as "Jamaican Blood" after discovering Dr. Elliott was from Jamaica. This eventually was shortened to "JB," of which Dr. Elliott decided to spell out when he began his radio career.

Several years ago, Dr. Elliott retired from his own computer technology company in order to concentrate fulltime on his radio venture.

He is president/CEO of, a multi-facet entertainment company. Select radio programming is now broadcast 24 hours per day on the Sirius Satellite Radio Network and from the website, and is heard in over 50 cities by approximately 790,000 listeners each week.


Kenny Love, President (

Kenny Love attended college as a Music Education major. Having, at one point during his career, been signed to Disco queen Evelyn Champagne King's label producer (Aubrey "Skip" Gravatt), he subsequently ventured into forming his own record label through which he released his debut recording over 15 years ago, which garnered spotted national radio airplay and international press coverage.

Shortly afterward, Love became a record promoter and media publicist for other independent artists, and has worked with some impressive music clients through the years who are connected with 'household' celebrity names.

Kenny is president/CEO of, a radio promotion and media publicity firm that also provides a number of business and administrative services for musicians and recording artists. Kenny's resume also includes past positions as both a radio program producer and a radio program co-host at several broadcast radio stations.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Think About It
  • Press Release Date: 1/5/2005
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