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Nick D'Amico's New CD - Evolution II

Nick D’Amico Keeps Evolving with Evolution II

  Los Angeles, CA October 1, 2010... After years in the making, Nick D’Amico’s newest album Evolution II has arrived. This happy Latin Jazz recording covers a variety of original songs with exciting arrangements and catchy tunes. The songs are written and produced by Nick and a few are written by his father, Maestro Nicola D’Amico. On one song, he collaborated with celebrated lyricist Alberto Testa. Guest musicians on the album include, Robert Bennett, Diane Burt, Paul Carmen, Donna Deussen, Stuart Gatz, David Hitchings, Leslie Soultanian, and Tony Wallace. Evolution II is being submitted for a Grammy Award in four categories: Latin Jazz, Latin Pop, World Music, and Engineering.

  "This record is a real labor of love," says Nick. "It’s filled with feel-good, entertaining, upbeat music. In the past, I have written more serious music in many genres. Now I want to get happy sounding songs out into the world. A lot of people need a boost right now and when they listen to this record, they’ll feel the positive energy in the music."

  Nick’s impressive background includes performing with Buddy Rich, Andy Williams, Diana Ross, David Clayton Thomas, and the rock/pop groups The Outsiders and Climax. When he’s not working on his solo musical projects, Nick arranges and produces recordings for The Caroling Company, which feature the Alfred Burt Christmas Carols. Together with his wife Diane Burt, they manage, sing, and record with The Caroling Company.

  Now that Evolution II is released, Nick plans to perform live again. As much as he loves to work in the recording studio, Nick wants to experience the connection that takes place between a musical performer and an audience, an experience Nick has enjoyed countless times in the past. 

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