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NuGroove Signs Saxophonist Michael Lington and Hits #8 on Billboard Charts with Bob Baldwin’s NewUrb

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Moorestown, NJ/March 13, 2008

In the wake of tremendous format changes, one record label has managed to take the lead in revitalizing the contemporary jazz industry. Since re-opening its doors in 2007, NuGroove has launched a succession of chart-topping hits that have earned widespread critical acclaim. Starting with the success of Jay Soto's "Slammin", which hit #2 on the R&R Smooth Jazz Chart, along with the recent signing of superstar saxophonist Michael Lington and the #8 Billboard hit ( by Bob Baldwin, NuGroove is indeed at the helm of a contemporary jazz revolution.

"NuGroove is proud to have a collection of some of the most phenomenal artists in the recording industry today. This past year has been absolutely fantastic. It has indeed been my honor to help these artists bring their ideas and music to life." said David Chackler, CEO and founder.

The signing to NuGroove marks a return home for Michael Lington, who launched his first CD with the label in 1997. "It’s great to be back at NuGroove. The label is on the cutting edge of the trends in the industry and believe in creating viable artistic partnerships by allowing the artists the freedom to do what they do best create great music," said Lington.

About the label:

In January 2007, smooth jazz took a step "back to the future." The legacy label NuGroove records was re-launched after an almost 10-year hiatus. Original founder David Chackler decided to revitalize the legendary label, re-acquiring the rights to the name from his prior partners who had acquired the company in 2004 from Chackler, and two years later shuttered it.

Originally the home of Michael Lington and "Down to the Bone," NuGroove had been the benchmark for aggressive, funky and genre bending smooth jazz. David Chackler, in conjunction with NuGroove Records co-founder John Salstone and the folks at RedSony Distribution, have harnessed the essence of the industry and re-staked NuGroove's claim on the smooth jazz market.

In addition to the #2 R&R hit by guitarist Jay Soto, NuGroove artists have continued to gain attention in both the States and Canada. Bassist Michael Manson has climbed up to the Top 20 and two artists have received a total of four nominations at the Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards. Saxophonist Darren Rahn has been nominated as Wind Instrumentalist and Album of the Year. Guitarist Dave Sereny was nominated as Guitarist of the Year and Album of the Year as well.


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