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Pianist Paul Serrato Performs at St. Peter's Episcopal Church in NY

Paul Serrato Paul Serrato

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Pianist Paul Serrato

Performs for the "Music in Chelsea" Series

At St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in New York

"Music a jazz aficionado can dig." Paul West

NEW YORK / MARCH 27, 2006

The highly regarded Paul Serrato & Co. will perform on May 7, 2006 at 4PM as part of the Music in Chelsea Series at the beautiful St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, 346 West 20th Street (between 8th and 9th Avenues) in New York. A $10 donation per attendee will go toward the restoration of this historical Chelsea church.

This performance will feature original musical selections from Serrato’s new CD project that is scheduled for release in late fall. The program will also include a rich repertory of his original jazz works composed over the years. Much of this has been recorded on Serrato’s indie label, Graffiti Productions, and has continued to enamor radio media and fans across the US. Viewers of television shows as disparate as Sex in the City and A&E Biography have heard Serrato’s music as well.

In addition to Serrato playing in a style that has been referred to as "gorgeous, sweet piano," the members of the band are notable in their own right. Hill Green, bass, has toured with Little Jimmy Scott and is known to St. Peter’s audiences for his own performances there. Henry Morales, congas, has toured with Jimmy Bosch and is featured on several of Serrato’s CDs. Together, the three of them promise to serve up a heady urban musical mix.

About Paul Serrato

Like many musicians, Serrato is an educator, holding degrees in both music and urban education. He teaches English to adults in New York’s immigrant communities. "It’s a way of reciprocating New York for the energy its dynamic cultural mix has inspired in my music," said Serrato.

During the 60s and 70s, he applied his jazz composing and leadership skills to create music on demand for projects and personalities of New York City’s underground culture. Much of his music today breathes in a constant state of reinterpretation that respects tradition, but embraces the limitless possibilities of the future.


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  • Artist / Group Name: Paul Serrato
  • Press Release Date: 5/7/2006
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