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Poems and piano of Ivana Marija Vidovic

Ivana Marija Vidovic Ivana Marija Vidovic Ivana Marija Vidovic Ivana Marija Vidovic

If we talk about the classical music world there is one name we shouldn't forget to mention. That's Ivana Marija Vidovic, born in Dubrovnik, Croatia: an enchanting place with an incredible charm, with mediaeval nuances and coloured with an Adriatic sea, always beautiful and inimitable.

During her education years nobody of her age was lucky to escape from a tremendous war. The war, of course, leaves an enormous impact on a Artist's emotions and feelings. She expresses all these experiences through her music and poetry that is just an add to her wonderful technique and skills and yet this makes her outstanding and different from a huge number of pianists.

Her artistic character and nature comes up nicely not only in her music but also in her verses.

She has published several books of poems already in different languages such as Italian, English, Slovenian, French.

Miss Vidovic's CD, which is already enough to admire her talents, is important from one more point of view. The artist helps to a boy from Croatia, from the town of Zadar, which in their homeland war remained without his mother and his left leg. Ivana Marija helps to those who need with her particular capabilities.

The Artist is offering to us all her special Cd, «Piano» presenting masterpieces of classical music by the composers who, still nowadays take our breaths with their wonderful notes: Johann Sebastian Bach, Primož Ramovš, Isaac Albéniz, Dora Pejacevich, Ziga Stanic, Franz Liszt, Myra Hess-Bach.

It's not only her wide repertoire that makes her important but also her expressive and technically great interpretations which are original and unique. This all is enriched by her deep and thorough approach to music and her education with few best pianists in the world of classical music.

You can learn much more about this eminent and special artist at her official website: and you can make a stroll through her long education path from the Conservatory of Music up to the Diploma at the Academy with honours.

You can also listen to some of her recordings, mp3's of her artistic interpretations at:

If you want to know all the news about Miss Vidovic's performances and concerts worldwide please visit , , ( at this site there is a video clip of an alive performance which we more than recommend)

There are very few persons who have so many talents and particular depth of expression both in her music poetic creations.

We invite you to learn about her talents, her pure abilities and artistic, inimitable creations.

By Marco Esu

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  • Artist / Group Name: Ivana Marija Vidovic Ivana Marija Vidovic
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