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Guitar Secrets of Regi"The Teacha" Wooten. The new guitar instructional DVD released July 1st, 2010 shows the secrets of Regi "The Teacha" Wooten's guitar playing that have contributed to his legendary status. From his slap technique to his raking style,Regi shows in a methodical and easy to understand the techniques he invented. Check out his two-hand piano technique, his bass and guitar slapping method, his blowing through the pick-ups, his sweeping and raking chapter, playing monster drum solos on guitar and his 6 note tapping technique. Regi Wooten is on tour now with the Victor Wooten Band. Regi has developed his own legendary slap technique for the guitar as well as his six-note sweeping style. He has been featured in "Guitar Player" magazine and toured the world with the Victor Wooten Band. Regi resides in Nashville where he teaches his amazing methods out of his guitar studio. The DVD can be purchased at

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  • Artist / Group Name: Regi Wooten
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