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Rendezvous Goes Mainstream

Picture this: acid jazz, electronica, and a string orchestra in just one song. Not easy to imagine, isn’t it? Perhaps that’s why the new band Rendezvous is so impressive; they have accomplished the difficult task of merging electropop with acid jazz, among other things and they made it look easy.

Despite this seemingly supersaturated mix, Rendezvous’ songs actually sound easy and effortless. All you need are two functioning ears to realize that Rendezvous is starting a new trend all its own, one that is so painlessly easy for you to appreciate.

In fact, thousands of people have more than just appreciated Rendezvous’ first EP. After Itai Simon and Hagai Izenberg, the duo behind Rendezvous, released their EP last 2004, thousands of fans swarmed their website and downloaded their songs. This furious onslaught of downloads immediately made Rendezvous a popular name in underground music.

Because of this unprecedented success, Rendezvous decided to launch a debut album. Even more ideas and concepts are brought forth to make this album a certified killer. Obviously no one-hit wonder, Rendezvous is working with only the best producers and mixersfor their first album launch. David Bascombe, famous producer and mixer who has worked with Verve, Korn, Bon Jovi, and Kylie Minogue, is now mixing the band’s album tracks.

To add more oomph to the story, Uzi Adam is joining their ranks. Lending an expert hand in terms of film coverage, Adam has successfully captured the story behind Rendezvous’ colorful journey. Rendezvous, apart from being a music phenomenon, is also instinctively in tune with what music buffs are looking for. Therefore, the band is working with Adam to provide visual backups of how they came up with their music.

Now, the album is almost done. Rendezvous, ladies and gentlemen, is ready to conquer the world of music one song at a time.

To sample their music, visit Rendezvous’ official site: You may also view sneak previews of their videos at

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