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Ruby Flower Records Releases 2007


Herb Robertson, Evan Parker & Agustí Fernandéz

TRIBUTE by Barry Guy

Music played by masters of improvisation. Masters of space, tessitura and instrumental control and masters in the art of knowing when and where to place those vital sounds that treat us to a tapestry of constantly shifting aural landscapes. There were moments when listening to this album where I was tempted to replay in my mind certain memories of historic electro-acoustic manifestations where all kinds of natural acoustic sound manipulations were attempted to produce a virtual parallel universe. The instrumentalists were often used merely as sound producing machines (Stockhausen came to mind). On this album, it seems to me, the "masters" mysteriously take us to this other universe without recourse to studio manipulations. This music is organic and pure. I have had the pleasure of performing with these musicians on many occasions, so it is with joy that I can report that there are yet further dimensions available to the listener that offer an attenuated perspective on the sophistication and creativity of improvised music. It is also worth appreciating the way that Herb Robertson’s compositional suggestions find a totally natural home within the walls of this spectacular sound world. Thanks Herb, thanks Evan, thanks Agusti for this music.

Barry Guy, March 2007

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Herb Robertson,Evan Parker & Agusti Fernandez
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