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Smooth Jazz Daily - Electric Breezz

Ufa, Russia, born Artur Bayramgalin is an in-demand guitarist on the Russian music scene and performed with many top-notch Russian musicians.

Last year he started his solo career with the debut album Interro Island receiving rave reviews and high acclaims by some of the major Smooth Jazz Internet sites. The combination of local music with the smooth jazz style makes Artur Bayramgalins debut album Interro Island unique and unforgettable.

With the sophomore album Electric Breezz Artur makes the second step to the American market. Artur categorizes his new album: ”Funk Nu Jazz Smooth Jazz and Fusion are the unique flavors that mix into the upbeat and catchy tunes. “

The starting song You Make Me Fly borrows ideas of the European and Brazilian music scene fusing them to an irresistible song of appealing elegance. The song features Russian singer Alina Aminova ambassador of jazz in the Firework Jazz Club in Ufa.

Lost Caravan conjures oriental rhythm and melodies all melting in a demonic dance floor mix. Matreshka featuring singer Shardi presents an interesting melange of Russian folk music with Nu Jazz and Electronica.

When Venus stands In Gemini it's the time for love and friendship activity. Like a siren allures singer Alina Aminova in best conjunction with sax player Murat Arslanbekov and guitarist Bayramgalin.

Technical impossible a long dream of mankind. Artur builds his own Perpetum Mobile with a great range of synthesizer and guitar effects. The up-tempo and propulsive Merry Dancers invites to quick movements.

A Maze can be difficult to be solved. Artur finds a direct and melodious way to the exit. Superb is the bass run of this tune. The epilogue Jazz Do It shuffles to a jazzy and funky end.

Artur Bayramgalin's sophomore album Electric Breezz reveals more facets of this great guitarist. Artur is always good for a surprise. Really innovative soundscapes.



Album Information

Title: Electric Breezz Artist: Artur Bayramgalin Year: 2010 Length: 0:32:35 Genre: Smooth Jazz


01 You Make Me Fly [4:24] 02 Lost Caravan [4:17] 03 Matreshka [4:04] 04 Venus In Gemini [4:32] 05 Perpetum Mobile [4:07] 06 Merry Dancers [4:24] 07 Maze [4:35] 08 Jazz Do It [2:11]

Further review:

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Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Artur Bayramgalin
  • Press Release Date: September 2010
  • Venue: Smooth Jazz Daily
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