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"Tao Tunes" by Dave Flippo's FliPpOMuSIC

{jcomments on}In November of 2011 FLIPPOMUSIC will be releasing it's fourth CD,  "Tao Tunes" on Oppilf Records - a six year project of mine which sets to music eighteen chapters of the ancient Chinese text The Tao Te Ching, an amazing literary work that remains fiercely relevant today.  I believe this musical setting of the Tao is a jazz first.  The music sets adapted English lyrics in a vast array of musical styles that reflect my own eclectic background.  Though the CD's musical roots are contemporary jazz, there are also elements of counterpoint, historic styles and ethnic music in the dense arrangements and adventurous harmonies.  I studied these techniques while obtaining a Masters at the Eastman School of Music and a Doctorate in music composition at the University of Michigan and gained additional experience on the Chicago jazz scene and with extra studies of world music. This is a deeply personal project, as these texts I discovered thirty years ago in college have lived with me through the decades and have become central to my spiritual base.

Flippomusic has been performing my original music since 1992. The members include Dave Flippo-keyboards/vocals, Donn De Santo-bass, Dan Hesler-saxophones/flute and Heath Chappell-drum kit.  The quartet is joined by some wonderful guest artists--Larry Gray on cello, Neal Alger on guitar,Hamid Drake on percussion, Mike Levin on clarinets and flute and Katherine Hughes on violin.

Release date is November 2011.  The CD will be available on CDbaby.

Here's the lyrics for Paradox, which I posted as a live video:

PARADOX - (Chapter 36 of the Tao Te Ching)

That which shrinks must be full.
That which fails must first be sturdy.
That which falls must first be raised.
Before one gets, there must be giving.
The soft will melt the very hard.
The weak will win against the tyrant.
A fish should stay in waters deep.
A mighty state should hide it's weapons.

This is how the world behaves,
The simple truth of how it goes,
Two opposites create a whole,
And everywhere a paradox.

There is no hot without the cool.
Without the white there is no blackness.
One who wins should offer praise.
If there's no pain, you'll not know pleasure.

This is how the world behaves,
The simple truth of how it goes,
Two opposites create a whole,
And everywhere a paradox.

Up, down; black, white;
Torment, pleasure.
Labor, leisure; living, dying?

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Flippomusic performs "Paradox" (Tao Tune) at the Heartland Cafe 2011 vid by Justin Molesby and Jay
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