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The Comeback Queen Strikes Again!

A tony, a golden globe, an emmy, and a special grammy....all belong to the living legend Liza Minnelli - the comeback queen! After a brutal divorce from music producer David Gest, and 3 lawsuits stemming from physical abuse to sexual harrassment have caused Liza to have a hell of a year. Everyone and their mother have sued Liza for abuse and harrassment and it looks like Lia with a "Z" is gonna shut everyone up. Sony will be releasing a new album by the diva of diva's entitled "Liza Minnelli - The French Album". The songs are all in French and range from Elvis' "Love Me Tender" to a French version of "New York, New York" with special guest Jennifer Halliday. This album is expected to hit all major record stores in May 2005. Don't miss it if you can!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Liza Minnelli
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