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The Debbie Winter Quartet Releases New EP

British vocalist Debbie Winter has released an EP of six original songs inspired by the paintings of Edward Hopper. Working closely with pianist Aidan Shepherd, the songs are evocative, haunting and harmonically rich. She’s a poetic lyricist with an intellectual edge and the songs communicate an atmospheric sense of waiting, tension and introspection; themes frequently found in Hopper’s paintings. Inspired by Miles Davis, her voice is horn like with a remarkable range and she glides effortlessly through a series complex arrangements.

Her band consists of Aidan Shepherd who trained at Leeds University. He has co-written and arranged the EP, providing a cohesive foundation and original sound. The music is fuelled by folky rhythms and the pair effortlessly fuse together to make an indomitable writing team. Coupled with the subtle, pared down playing of Loz Garrett and the creative, sensual drive of drummer Paul Robinson, this EP is worth a listen. It can be heard on itunes and

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  • Artist / Group Name: Debbie Winter Quartet
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