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The International Dixieland Festival is celebrating its 12th year

Tarragona International Dixieland Festival, in Catalonia, Spain, is celebrating its 12th year. It’s the only festival in Spain devoted to this aspect of traditional jazz, and the relationship of the city with this type of music comes from long ago. Alfredo Papo, author of Jazz in Catalonia, a great authority on jazz and a longstanding programmer of clubs and festivals, explains that "the first jazz record in Spain was brought by Antoni Tendes, a school teacher in Tarragona. He was a cultivated man in spite of his lower social class. He soon became interested in jazz and even wrote six or seven articles about jazz in a local newspaper." That happened during the 30’s in the 20th century. Papo’s information about Antoni Tendes is a great finding for our city and it encourages us to face up to this festival even more enthusiastically. 125 musicians, 21 bands, 78 activities, 9 countries, 20 locations, 5 different itineraries for the music walks around the Eixample area, old town, St.Pere I St.Pau and Torreforta districts. These will be the protagonists of our annual appointment with the most traditional jazz during the week before Easter. The core of the festival this year will be twofold: on the one hand, a kaleidoscopic vision of jazz in the American continent, that goes from its origins in New Orleans (with Leroy Jones) to Cuba (Bebo Valdés), Argentina (Porteña Jazz Band) or Jon Seiger, Louis Armstrong’s clone. They all have in common a type of jazz built and presented with splendid humour. On the other hand, the festival shows the relationship between music and cinema. The cycle offered by La Caixa Foundation relates blues and films through the screening of "The Kid", by Chaplin. Finally, it’s a pleasure to welcome the professional programmers of other jazz festivals in Catalonia thanks to the joint initiative with Jaç magazine.

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  • Press Release Date: March from 15 to 19, 2005
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