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The Jazz Community Bands Together to Play a Tune Supporting Musician Armsted Christian's Battle

The Jazz Network Worldwide, one of the largest social networking communities for jazz on the internet has launched a campaign "Heal A Life With Love" honoring the life of vocalist, musician, educator Armsted Christian who has been stricken by sarcoidosis. Understanding the importance of focusing on life one voice at a time when it comes to monumental threatening conditions. "As a community that is soul-based in its improvisational creativity, we must create a song that resonates worldwide, to support a life in jazz that has given so much to us, we are asking for ‘one dollar’ from fellow musicians to support this quest of one of our own", says Jaijai Jackson, founder of The Jazz Network Worldwide.

Armsted, who addresses pulmonary sarcoidosis daily for almost 30 years has become the spokesperson for this disease on The Jazz Network Worldwide, through its "Heal A Life With Love" campaign educating the jazz community and beyond on a disease that can effect many organs in the body alerting us that not much attention has been given to its awareness in the medical fundraising community as of late.

The Armsted R. Christian Foundation for Research and Education is presenting its last presentation of its "Stay In The Light" Jazz Series for 2009 benefiting those that suffer with the dis-ease of sarcoidosis on Saturday, Nov. 21st at 8pm-midnight in New England.

The Jazz Network Worldwide has jumped on his bandwagon and will be streaming this event acting as a portal for donations to the support the healing journey that Armsted Christian is walking toward with his upcoming bi-lateral lung transplant. Be sure to ‘tune in’ to and be an instrument to his ongoing song of life. Jaijai Jackson will be facilitating the chat room, so be sure to come and hang and take part of this live-streamed event honoring a life in jazz November 21,2009 at 8pm.

A social networking site has been developed for those suffering with this dis-ease and to receive support and to donate toward Armsted’s life at as well as the informative site on research and developement at

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Armsted Christian
  • Press Release Date: 11/21/2009
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