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The Jazz Rock Fusion of Brent Magstadt Reaches New Heights on Self Titled Release


The Jazz Rock Fusion of Brent Magstadt Reaches New Heights on Self Titled Release

Seattle, WA--December 5, 2005--Brent Magstadt describes his latest work as a progressive styling encompassing elements of rock, jazz and folk; music that will darken the room with an acoustic séance, or light it up with intense electric passages.

Magstadt’s new self-titled album takes you on musical ride that you will never forget-from progressive rock and jazz fusion to bright lyrically intense pop-rock gems. The multi-talented artist displays his ability with impassioned vocals and many instruments including the electric and acoustic guitars and bass.

While Brent’s hobbies include music, reading, writing, and outdoor recreation, his days in the software development world of Seattle provide a good living. He, like most indie artists, has to work during the day and reach for his dreams at night through the creation of music. While this is one of the many hurdles one must traverse as an independent artist, his particular profession lends itself very well to the technical aspects of putting together tracks for an album. This becomes obvious while listening to the new recording’s quality.

This music is complex yet meaningful. Each individual listener will find his or her own path of joy through the rock, jazz, and fusion offerings that this outstanding disc comes colored with, whether it is an instrumental piece or one populated with lyrical prose. Making a recording that has something for everyone is a difficult task and Brent Magstadt does just that on his debut CD. The writer is an avid admirer of performance art, both visual (he is a photographer on the side) and musical, and his compositions cover the canvas of life with musical notes to create a masterpiece.

Magstadt is right on the cutting edge of digital distribution, offering sampling and purchasing of the new CD through CD Baby and iTunes, as well as plenty of other popular options to listen before you buy, such as My Space, Sonic Bids, and his personal website.


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