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Utopia Records Bari Saxophonist Rebecca Buxton Burns on "Step Back"

Rebecca Buxton Rebecca Buxton Swank
(New York, NY) Beautiful Baritone Saxophonist Rebecca Buxton can blow her saxophone with the best of them. The funkadelic track "Step Back" through Utopia Records is a display of her mean sax play. Backed by legendary music impresario Alfonzo Blackwell’s lush songwriting, production, arrangement and multi-instrumental work, Ms. Buxton delivers on this funk masterpiece that gets everyone up and dancing to the soulful grooves. Visit the official Utopia Records website to hear and download the hot single.

"Step Back" is a full-bodied funk jam that is on the heels of Rebecca’s debut smash feature on Alfonzo Blackwell’s 2008 release, "Dance To This". "Step Back" is the follow-up to the hit single, "Back It Up". Rebecca has a deep and very soulful tone on her baritone saxophone and she gives a great and memorable performance on "Step Back" that leaves listeners wanting more. Growing up, Ms. Buxton’s chief musical influences were Miles Davis and Sonny Rollins. This Beautiful Baritone Saxophonist (BBS) is in full control of her horn on this cut. Ladies are splashing on the contemporary jazz music scene and are commanding respect and with the talents that Ms. Buxton has under her belt, she is very deserving of every accolade. Sax ladies Jessy J, Candy Dulfer, Pamela Williams and Mindy Abair are some of the most popular female sax players around who are performing with their male contemporaries and generating buzz in the music industry and Rebecca Buxton is amongst them in the major league of saxtresses. She’s beautiful, sexy and simply put; she’s a lovely talent who can play her sax.

To download Utopia Records' hot single "Step Back" featuring the Beautiful Baritone Saxophonist Rebecca Buxton, please visit the following website. p=album&album=12

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  • Artist / Group Name: Rebecca Buxton
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