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Veteran Musician Alfonzo Blackwell’s Cutting-edge Modern Jazz Music, Radio News and Prince Talk

Alfonzo Blackwell Alfonzo Blackwell Courtesy of Utopia Records
New York, NY (USA) It’s a very exciting year for Utopia Records Founder and CEO/President Alfonzo Blackwell and his staff members. 2010 marks Mr. Blackwell’s 15th Anniversary in the music recording business industry and Team Utopia has been geared up prior to the annual New York City Times Square ball drop on New Year’s Eve which took place on December 31, 2009. The New York native is enjoying every moment of this historic year so far and shows no sign of slowing down. The record label executive emphatically states, "Fifteen years later and I’m just getting started. I’m looking ahead and forward to 2011 and beyond."

The soulful internet radio network has taken great leaps and bounds with the launch of a new channel dedicated to Alfonzo Blackwell’s music. Blackwell states, "In light of the new music climate, it is now a great opportunity for fans to have a new home to listen to my music and hear my entire catalog and exclusive unreleased recordings. I was immediately onboard." When asked about his views on Prince’s recent remarks about the internet being ‘completely over’, Alfonzo says, "I respect Prince’s views regarding online music digital distribution sites such as iTunes, etc. He deserves respect for his honesty. And after all, he was a pioneer of musicians/artists selling CDs and downloads via the World Wide Web. That should count for something. I think that the internet has given fans more access to recording artists and has helped expand their audiences globally. That should count for something also." He goes on to say, "I’m excited about the future release of my new project, Quintet: Portrait of Alfonzo Blackwell, which will be available for purchase in both digital downloads and CD formats via the internet. Like Prince, I too have hundreds of unreleased music and the internet now gives me the opportunity to get my music out there to the fans without much delay and will now be a new destination for avid music listeners to join in the celebration. Music has evolved and also the way we get it."

Blackwell candidly talks about his music and career, "Music has been a part of me for my entire life thus far and will always be. My parents were touched by music and they passed the love and passion that they have for it onto me. He is noted as playing a plethora of musical instruments; soprano, alto and tenor saxophones, piano/keyboards, electric bass guitar, acoustic and electric guitars and drums are his main axes but word has it that he also plays the trumpet, flute, acoustic upright bass, percussion and a few other musical instruments. He often performs most of the lead and background vocals on his select original recordings. Every note that I play on each instrument I play and every song that I compose and produce comes from a place in my soul that was sparked with creativity from various conduits. Each song then takes on a life of its own but always has a special place in my heart. I’m humbled to look back on my music catalogue and career to say the least. As an artist, musician and entertainer; when you’re in the midst of the creative process, you don’t really take account of the vast body of work and musicianship that comes from years and years of shedding and crafting each record and stage performance to that ‘glass ceiling’ of perfection. My work is never done. Music is an ever-evolving work in progress for me. I just strive to consistently make real and organically good music that touches my listening audiences around the world."

Alfonzo Blackwell was born and raised in Queens, NY as a child he taught himself to play the piano by ear at the tender age of six. He then went on to pick up the saxophone at age eleven. Alfonzo instantly fell in love with the sax and then began his intense musical journey. He began composing his original music in middle school. Destined for greatness, this New York native was accepted at the prestigious (Fame) Performing Arts High School in NYC and then continued his advance studies at Queens College and Five Towns College in Long Island, NY. He performed at all the legendary jazz clubs throughout the tri-state area and earned a weekly residency at a popular Manhattan music hotspot. He inked his first record deal at age 23. After only four years in the record business, Blackwell gained enough music and business acumen to branch out on his own and founded Utopia Records, Inc. in 1999. He was hailed as one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the music business. Over the span of his career, the talented entertainer has been garnered with many music award nominations and has several Billboard chart- topping singles and albums to his credit. He has worked with the biggest names in the music business over the many years; from major jazz, R&B, Hip-Hop and soul artists. This music virtuoso not only masters the alto, soprano and tenor saxophones, Blackwell also is a well accomplished pianist, guitarist, bassist and drummer who writes, composes, arranges, produces and performs live instrumentation on all of his original music recordings. His music has long been the fusion of an infectious blend of Jazz, R&B, Hip-Hop and straight-up SOUL since his debut CD release, "Let’s Imagine". His mission has always been to bridge the musical gap between adult contemporary music such as Jazz and youth driven music such as Hip-Hop; and to promote unity in our living generations, cultures and communities around the world and thus inspire generations to come. His current CD release, "Dance To This" is a testament to this mission. Alfonzo sums it up best, "It's not the type or style of music, but good music, is good music, is good music. Period!"

Alfonzo Blackwell Discography
"Quintet: Portrait of Alfonzo Blackwell" (2010)
"Dance To This" (2008)
"Sax You Down" (2004)
"Reflections" (2001)
"The Time Is Now" (2000)
"Body of Soul" (1998)
"Alfonzo Blackwell" (1996)
"Let’s Imagine" (1995)

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