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World Wide Jazz Seeks to Unite Jazz Fans

Richard Henry Richard Henry

(Houston, TX) -- 27 year old pianist Richard Henry has just launched World Wide Jazz which is a jazz website created for fans and listeners of jazz. This website will feature articles, news, interviews, a forum, cd reviews and merchandise. Those who are interested can also advertise on the website.

Jazz listeners who visit the site will be able to purchase World Wide Jazz merchandise such as t-shirts, hoodies and caps. There will also be jazz cds, dvds and books to buy. Newsletters will be sent to those who subscribe. A forum will also allow users to post and create threads.

Richard Henry began playing classical piano at age 5 and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Piano Performance from the Moores School of Music at the University of Houston. He also studied jazz and blues piano at Houston Community College in 2007.

"I learned so much when I studied jazz. It's a very complex musical art form and all musicians should study the genre as one needs to have much knowledge to become good at jazz," says Henry.

Henry’s experience in the world of classical and jazz music has helped him develop ideas for this website.

"I want to provide material that is relevant and full of interesting content for my members which will cause me to research jazz and learn more myself," said Henry. The articles will cover a number of topics and look at jazz at different angles. He also has plans to bring in other writers in the near future.

A forum will be necessary to allow for members to share ideas, post their performances, converse with other jazz musicians and possibly talk to music professors. The forum will serve as the heartbeat of the website.

Members will also be given a chance to show and display their affiliation by purchasing World Wide Jazz merchandise, which will have its logo shown on items such as shirts, mugs and caps. Other items will also be available in the form of merchandise. Prices will vary depending on the item.

Interviews of professional jazz musicians will be available through the exclusive page so that members can see more in depth into the lives and musical world of jazz artists. World Wide Jazz wants to interview jazz musicians around the country asking a variety of interesting questions to those who are experts in their fields.

World Wide Jazz will accept press releases from those who are involved in the jazz business as well and will be displayed on the home page. A photo and a press release will be required to be shown on the website.

"I also wanted to include jazz cds, jazz dvds and books dealing with jazz so that our members can have even more items to choose from instead of having to go to the store and look for them," says Henry.

Members will only have to pay $3.95 per month to access the exclusive content that will feature written articles.

For Further Information, please contact World Wide Jazz at:

Richard Henry, owner and founder of World Wide Jazz

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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  • Artist / Group Name: Richard Henry
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