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Zeppelin Zone takes sky

Dutch Vocalist-composer Heleen van den Hombergh (Composer of "Rush in the Woods") has formed a new band, called Zeppelin Zone.

At the very end of 2006 Heleen started working with creative bass player Frans van der Hoeven, versatile guitarist Erik Rutjes, and inventive percussionist Bart Fermie. Zeppelin Zone performs Heleen¢s latest work and combines world, jazz and heavy pop sounds, with light footed grooves, open meditations, & howling guitars. The name Zeppelin Zone seeks to reflect a sensation of feet on the ground, eyes on the horizon... heating up the fire to take sky.

Heleen (1964) was born in the Netherlands. After many years of traveling around the world Heleen's professional career as a singer began when piano miracle Bert van den Brink heard her voice in 2000 and spoke of "love on first hearing" . Together they invited bass player Tony Overwater, who, on his turn, took on board percussionist Joshua Samson. With this quartet Heleen played and recorded between 2001-2006, making two impressive albums and a DVD.

Her first album "Heard in the Scene" (2002) mainly consisted of jazz & soul repertoire. For her second album and theatre performances, under the title "Rush in the Woods!" (2004-2005), her long-standing bond with tropical forests inspired the lyrics and compositions. She performed at the North Sea Jazz festival, the Concertgebouw, BIMhuis, and many other fine stages in the Netherlands and abroad. Her live performance was also broadcasted more than once on Dutch National Television.

Samples of the new music of Zeppelin Zone can be found at Heleen's official website

"A combination of talent never seen before in jazz land. ( ) Live as touching as on the album. Heleen is a long hidden treasure (..) A very beautiful voice, a convincing performance, authentic inspiration " Jazz / The Netherlands

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  • Artist / Group Name: Heleen van den Hombergh
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