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Come Love With Me by Malcolm Griffith

Malcolm Griffith started playing drums at the age of seventeen, practicing the rudiments on anything he could get his hands on. It was truly in his blood to play music, as his father was a drummer from the 1940s through the early 50's. Malcolm's father Winston stopped playing the drums before his son came along but somehow Malcolm knew it was his destiny to pick up the sticks.

Malcolm's first visual contact with the drums was from a street band that would pass trough the streets of St. Michael Barbados on holidays and on the occasional weekend playing the early beats of what would become known as Calypso music. The band featured a snare drummer nicknamed Potato-Mouth; he was the first drummer Malcolm had ever seen. He still recalls the drummer's flams in march time layered over the calypso grove.

In the mid 1970's Winston Griffith decided to start up his old band again; as the drummer he went out and bought a brand new sparkling metallic blue Yamaha drum set and set it up ready to be played. Malcolm watched in amazement as his father set the new drums up with care adjusting the cymbal heights and positioning them just so. Weeks silently passed and the band never reunited; not a note was played on the new set. After seeing Potato-Mouth play the snare drum Malcolm begged his dad not to take the set back to the store. Soon after the first drum set officially came to the neighborhood and from then on the neighbors could not get enough of the beat and for Malcolm the rest became history.

After traveling throughout the Caribbean Malcolm moved to Montreal for several years where he founded a funk band called Soft Shoe and Toronto. He later Joined an African Punk group called the Marbles led by singer Ari Zafrany and recorded one CD with them.

After moving to New York City in the 80's Malcolm took a day job in one of his many talents cooking later becoming a Chef at Lee Mazelli's Sports Cafe. After standing on the sidelines for much too long he started taking gigs in the clubs of NYC with Bobby Foster Terry Thornton Bob Gaddy Al Bundy Johnny Parker Freddy Francis Frankie Paris Humphrey Cobb and Bo Diddly among others. With his original style as a self taught drummer he also found work teaching the drums to students of all ages. One of his students suggested Arthur's Tavern a landmark Jazz club in New York's West Village. Malcolm sat in every chance he got and was well liked by the patrons and the musicians every time. After the unfortunate passing of the then house drummer Mr. Harold Green Malcolm became his natural predecessor; serving as the drummer in residence for Arthur's Tavern from 1993 to 1996. This new duty demanded performing with three to four different bands and styles of music every week and included playing with such favorites as JD Allen Vincent Herring Freddy Francis Grant Green Jr. Boss Townsend Benny Powell Dana Jared. Gary Bartz Melissa Slocum and a host of other musicians who passed through.

Malcolm has played on over forty recordings with bands like Joy Ferdinand The Bull Freznick Michael Leon Wooley Baje Shawn James and Water just to name a few. Just before taking center stage to sing in 1997 Malcolm studied classical voice with Rufus Miller and theory with Barry Harris and Janis Milinton.

On his debut "CD Come Love With Me" a tribute to the legendary vocalist Johnny Hartman and the great songwriters and singers of the 1940's and 50's Malcolm performs the songs that have inspired him most deeply. Malcolm captures the essence of these classic melodies and timeless lyrics while convincingly making them his own. His emotional range from heartfelt to sexy is beyond his musical peers demonstrating a literate and engaging connection to a bygone era. His rich and expressive voice retells poetic tales of devotion trust hope and harmony while the parables of love lost and found bring the promise of a new day. Malcolm possesses an innate ability to evoke an atmosphere and create powerful telling images through the lyrical expression of his voice. Malcolm is serving notice to all who were previously unaware-- he is a major talent that is about to take charge of the love in the hearts of many.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Malcolm Griffith
  • CD Title: Come Love With Me
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Genre: Jazz Vocals
  • Record Label: Independent
  • Artist's Instrument: Vocals
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