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In this world with you by Noshir Mody

The release of In This World With You has alerted the music world to the presence of a new and stimulating creative guitarist. The 11 guitar solos find Noshir Mody displaying a beautiful tone, versatility, and inventive ideas on his picturesque originals. While inspired by many of his predecessors, Noshir sounds unlike anyone else. Long interested in blending together jazz and rock, and music from the East with that in the West, the guitarist crosses many stylistic boundaries while sounding fresh, melodic and unpredictable.

Noshir Mody was born and raised in Mumbai, India. "When I first started getting interested in music, the record that made the biggest impression on me was Al Di Meolas Elegant Gypsy. Being in India I also heard tons of Bollywood music and classical Indian music. There is a constant din of music heard throughout the country." Early on he played flute in a school band and also spent time with the keyboards and drums. But when he picked up a guitar and began to figure out how to play it (he is self-taught) Noshir was on his way to finding his own musical voice.

He picked up experience playing rock (including covers of Guns & Roses Metallica and Pink Floyd tunes) in garage bands while studying computer science in college. When he was 22 in 1995 Noshir moved to New York to do graduate studies. "I had great exposure to a lot of fusion musicians and that is when I really began to get a much better understanding of what good music is." By associating with top musicians Noshir developed quickly and was soon leading his own jazz trio. That group played regularly for a year and a half including at the Sweet Dreams Cafe in New Jersey and New York's Elbow Room.

In the late 1990s Noshir founded the EthniFusion Rock Ensemble a band that also included Japanese bassist Nob Kinukawa drummer Jim Bove from the San Francisco Bay area and New Jersey's Aaron Mutterperl on sax. They played regularly in the New Jersey/New York area and recorded a CD Escape From Oblivion Noshir formed the EthniFusion Jazz Ensemble which teamed him with Australian bassist Adam Armstrong and Turkish percussionist Atilla Engin. "The jazz ensemble's music was very open and a lot of it involved improvising on the spot without even a set melody. EthniFusion is of course a play on the words ethnic and fusion and it often involves playing Eastern melodies on jazz/rock structures."

After 9/11 Noshir's day job ended. He spent two years working in Georgia and even upon his return to New York he did not play publicly for a time. But Noshir was far from inactive during this period constantly practicing and writing new music. By 2008 he knew that it was time to to record again.

All of the music on In This World With You was made by Noshir Mody and he plays rhythm in addition to lead. "I recorded In This World With You over four or five weekends. Of the songs I'm very fond of "Under A Starlit Sky" "I Believe" "Inordinate Attachments' and "Remember The Fireflies."" The music is often cinematic with the originals giving the feeling of a colorful and unpredictable travelogue.

Recently Noshir Mody formed a new trio. "After searching through many musicians I have begun to work with a short list of gifted musicians that include bassists Daniel Foose and Danny Zanker and drummers Kim Garey Yutaka Uchida and James Windsor-Wells. I'm really excited about the group. It is a very interactive and open trio. I give the musicians chord structures but they are free to make up other things and take the music in different directions."

In recent times the trio has performed in New York at several different venues including the 169 Bar Cin-M-Art Space 17 The Sugar Bar and The Linger Cafe and Lounge. For the future Noshir Mody looks forward to recording his trio performing at festivals and bringing his unique EthniFusion music to the public as often as possible.

For further information contact Noshir Mody at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Noshir Mody
  • CD Title: In this world with you
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Genre: Fusion
  • Record Label: Independent
  • Artist's Instrument: Guitar
  • Tracks: Harlem, Under a starlit sky, Hill of beans, Remember the fireflies, Separation, I believe, T, Inordinate attachments, Graceworthy, Father to son, In this world with you
  • Musicians: Noshir Mody (all guitars)
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