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It's Christmas Time in the City by Michael Tinholme

Michael Tinholmes story is quite remarkable. He was discovered by Tom Fowler legendary bassist and producer for Ray Charles. His band members include some of today's greatest and accomplished musicians and artists. Michael's story spans from homelessness to making music at the very top of the music business.

Michael's first professional gig was when he was 12 years old where he appeared at clubs in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Michael's mother suffered from a lifetime of mental illness. For what seemed like his own self-preservation that soon turned to his own self-destruction Michael fled his home at the age of 15. He hitchhiked up and down the west coast; pan handling picking produce and working odd jobs. He spent time on the streets and shelters of skid row in Long Beach Los Angeles and Oakland.

Michael came off the streets when he was 21 years old and soon put a band together and began to gig again. He was promptly signed to a management contract and was soon being courted by top record labels. Still tormented by the demons that put him on the streets and unable to cope with the expectations that went beyond singing and performing Michael ran away from all the wonderful opportunity’s that were presented to him.

The road from homelessness to success is about more than a house and a job it's also a state of mind. After many years of struggling with the demons that put him on the streets Michael has found success again with his music. Today he works with the greatest musicians and artists of our time. You can hear in his music and in his voice the influence of those early years. His original songs "When Winter Falls on New York" and "Maybe Next Year" are melodically rich and filled with strong visual images.

Michael never forgets the struggles that he faced while on the streets as a kid and he is deeply honored to be working with Covenant House-a non-profit organization devoted to getting homeless children off the streets and prevent the sexual exploitation of homeless children everywhere. Proceeds from the online sale of his CD "It's Christmas Time in the City" go to support Covenant House.'

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Michael Tinholme
  • CD Title: It's Christmas Time in the City
  • Year Released: 2009
  • Genre: Jazz Vocals
  • Record Label: Blue Planet Records
  • Artist's Instrument: vocals, piano
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