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Jordan Young Group by Jordan Young Group

Jordan Young leads a jazz organ group based in New York City, the Jordan Young Group (JYG). The group has been a working unit in various capacities since 2009. The group holds many steady gigs and hosts various jam sessions throughout the city. New York City jazz scene staples, such as Smoke, Smalls and Fat Cat are just a few examples of the many venues the JYG can be found honing their sound. The individuals in the JYG, while rooted in the jazz tradition, come together to form and create a modern organ group sound. The group not only supplies that "down home" groovy sound, but also dabbles in other genres outside of jazz. This range of influence creates a deep and diverse musical palette. Naturally, the JYG is inspired by classic 60s organists such as Jimmy Smith Jack McDuff Larry Young and Melvin Rhyne. However influence from artists such as Stevie Wonder Radiohead and Alicia Keys assist the group in creating a well-rounded and popular sound.

The JYG can create colorful musical ambiances from slow and mysterious to bright and upbeat. These variations of musical textures are bound to leave the listeners inspired. The group's aim is to engage the audience with their fresh sound taking them on a musical journey where past and present combine. Their first recording as a group was a successful collaboration and clear example of four unique voices merging together to create a unified and cohesive sound.

Hammond B-3 Organ Modern Jazz Group

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Jordan Young Group
  • CD Title: Jordan Young Group
  • Year Released: 2010
  • Genre: Other
  • Record Label: Young Productions
  • Artist's Instrument: Drums
  • Tracks: H and H, Every Time We Say Goodbye, PiNGs 1, Jean de Fluer, Claudes Monet, PiNGs 2, Afro-Centric, JF blues, PiNGs 3, My One and Only Love, Angola, PiNGs 4
  • Musicians: Jordan Young (Drums), Joe Sucato (Tenor sax), Brian Charette (Hammond B-3 Organ), Yotam Silberstein (Guitar)
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