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Liquid Soul by Gemini Soul feat. Ajamu Akinyele

"Liquid Soul" the new CD from Gemini Soul featuring Ajamu Akinyele is musically inspired by bassists Stanley Clarke, MeShell Ndegeocello, Marcus Miller, the smooth sounds of Sade, and pianists Dave Brubeck and Michael Cain. Gemini Souls new release "Liquid Soul" gives you the ultimate experience in a new direction in jazz...Cyber Jazz.

"Liquid Soul" features new original music plus favorite standards such as Peggy Lee's "Fever" Stanley Clarke's "Yesterday Princess" Sade's "Kiss of Life" & "Hang On To Your Love" and Dave Brubeck's "Take Five."

Producer/bassist Andre Marcel Ajamu Akinyele pronounced Ah-jah-moo + Ah-kin-yay-lay and pianist Jon O"Bergh have produced a solid CD that captures your spirit and soul while providing a unique sound called "Cyber Jazz - Funk Fusion" continuing to redefine jazz for a new generation. Jon O"Bergh plays keyboard and piano in a style that would appeal to fans of Herbie Hancock Tori Amos while Ajamu Akinyele plays bass laying down pure cyber funk in a style that would appeal to fans of Marcus Miller Stanley Clarke Prince and MeShell Ndegeocello.

Experience "Liquid Soul" Ajamu Akinyele and Jon O’Bergh’s new release as Gemini Soul which will prove that their Cyber Jazz is here to stay. Liquid Soul is the new direction in jazz...Experience Cyber Jazz!


Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Gemini Soul feat. Ajamu Akinyele
  • CD Title: Liquid Soul
  • Year Released: 2007
  • Genre: Fusion
  • Record Label: Pearl Jazz Recording Label
  • Tracks: Gypsy, Liquid Soul, Fever, LiLi, In The Mood, Yesterday Princess, Spiritually In Tune, Kiss of Life, The Chocolate Factory, Evolution Part 2, Hang On To Your Love, Lake Merritt, Take Five (Bonus Track)
  • Musicians: Ajamu Akinyele (bass, drum programming, & vocals), Jon OBergh (keyboards & piano).'
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