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Long As The Day Is by Sarah Montes

Sarahs’ childhood was molded by fairytales, show tunes and a warped version of the catechism which served to engage her spirited imagination. Being raised in a European household, her mother from Germany and her father from Spain; Sarah learned that striving for greatness required discipline and over whelming passion, thus creating a very ambitious and dynamic Red head.

As a child, Sarahs’ musical abilities blossomed at community functions and school events. She could sit for hours making up silly songs like "The Knobby Kneed Noble Knight" and conjuring up Broadway style skits for her friends and families entertainment.

Sarah’s first professional recording experience came along at the age of sixteen while working as a window display designer for J.C. Penney’s. (Although Sarah never played much with dolls in her childhood, she found herself dressing perfectly painted mannequins.) Thanks to her supervisor, who was involved with one of the local studios and familiar with Sarah’s singing abilities, Sarah was recommended to the studio when the hired singer did not show up for her vocal part on a radio commercial. Within a half a heart beat, Sarah was at the studio, sang the required parts and five days later she was asked by one of the session players to join his band. After much deliberation on her parents’ part, Sarah stepped on stage; it was the genesis of her professional musical career.

Now after performing in 52 cities around the world and over 2,800 performances to her credit, (which she proudly thanks Las Vegas for that astonishing number) Sarah is truly at home on stage. Her sassy and playful attitude combined with her natural ease and sincere passion creates an emotionally charged and captivating experience with the audience. Sarah has toured with a variety of show bands including her own band throughout the United States; performing at corporate engagements, U. S. Military events and the show rooms of Las Vegas. She has performed live with numerous well known artists such as the Jordanaires, the Guy Lombardo Orchestra, The Letterman, Debbie Reynolds, Jerry Lewis, Wayne Newton, and Porter Wagner.

Sarah’s vocal style and writing ability opened many doors in Radio and Television, composing and performing songs and ads for a myriad of clients ranging from HBO and Ford to the Pizza Factory.

When Sarah accidentally met Producer Keith Olsen; under the guise of him being a salesman for Dolby, a bonding friendship was formed. Later Keith produced her CD, self entitled Sarah, which received nationally syndicated airplay.

Sarahs recent release, Long As The Day Is, features ten song that are emotionally charged reflections of every day life. With charismatic lyrics accompanied by a clean and uncluttered recording, this CD gently places the listener center stage amidst the music. The music itself is reminiscent of the forty’s which in turn is pure vintage Va-Voom! Every facet of this collection reveals a bit of insight into Sarah character and soul. There is

a constant balance through out that represents the deep importance of truth to ones self. Graciously mixed by Keith Olsen and Gaylord Holamalia at Avex Studios in Honolulu, along with the addition of Brian Forakers mastering touch; Long As The Day Is was complete.

Not only is Sarah dynamic and simply adorable on stage; Sarah is a singer-songwriter to love. And just when you think you know her, she magically transforms… revealing colorfully, captivating insight that compels the listener and viewer with the desire for more.

When it comes to Sarah…one can never get enough!

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