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This Girls Got To Play by Joyce Cooling

"Writing has always been an integral part of who I am as a musician. Both Jay and I absolutely love composing and it is impossible to imagine our lives without it. When we start putting songs together, it is very much a collaborative process - a back and forth ping pong game." This held true as Cooling and Wagner began preparing all the original tunes for her Narada Jazz debut, THIS GIRLs GOT TO PLAY. "The time leading up to the album was musically speaking a very restless one for me. I was anxious to experiment with new ideas." Shirking complacency Cooling enjoys testing her comfort level. "For me it's a good thing to be on the edge. It keeps me focused and looking forward to the next project." With straight-ahead roots and a Brazilian jazz background she boldly branches out on THIS GIRL's GOT TO PLAY with harmonies sophisticated melodies and - for the first time a stronger emphasis on vocals. "I love to sing and lyrics can sometimes reach people in completely different ways than an instrumental melody can."

Cooling's tendency to drift outside the mainstream is reflected in the album's title track - a virtual narrative of her zest to be on the edge. "This song is loosely autobiographical" she confides. "As a kid I just had to play music. All I wanted was to be in a band." She adds "No I wasn't a cheerleader in high school." A microcosm of Cooling's creativity is the song Camelback. "Jay and I were experimenting with sounds and this quirky little groove inspired the whole track. The loping feel conjured up what it might be like to ride a camel." The Wizard draws upon Cooling's passion for Brazilian music." We love Hermeto Pascoal and just as we started to write this tune we had gone to one of his shows and done a workshop with him. He looks like a wizard with long white hair and musically....well it just goes without saying that he is one. The song seemed a natural fit with his spirit."

THIS GIRL's GOT TO PLAY is a powerful statement by an artist at the top of her game. "This is a cross-roads album and I really wanted to go for it without any regrets." Giving it an edge that's strong sexy and savvy Cooling boldly declares who she is and what she can do...and man oh man can she play.

It has hit the streets and is now in the stores so be the first on your block to pick up a copy. The first single "Expression" immediately made radio's "most added track" list and is steadily climbing the charts!

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