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Joseph Patrick Moore - XYZ Factor

Joseph Patrick Moore is a prolific jazz, pop and rock musician as well as producer, session musician, film composer and author. He has worked with artists such as Stewart Copeland (The Police), Earl Klugh, Chris Duarte and Bob James to name a few. "XYZ Factor" is fresh on the release of "To Africa With Love" where Mr. Moore coupled its release with a mission trip to Africa where he got involved on the front line of support for The Kingdom of Swaziland.

The three song EP "XYZ Factor" starts with "Yield", an ambient electronic beat backed by Mr. Moore's signature bass tone.  The haunting melody sticks with the listener long after the song resolves and is supported by a bubbling beat that forces feet to move.

"Xanadu", the second track, begins with a mysterious, synthesized mood that moves from left to right.  The beat gently settles in and the echo of a dreamy voice calls from above. By the time the melody falls in, the addictive beat is ingratiated into your subconscious. From classical strings to ambient keys to contemporary jazz melody, this electronic hallucination is not to be missed.

"XYZ Factor" rounds off with the full-tilt "Zig Zag Zoom".  Mr. Moore infuses pop melody lines over the Owl City like beat to create a dance party right from "Play".

"XYZ Factor" is co-produced by Buzz Amato (Curtis Mayfield, Ben E. King) as player, producer, composer and arranger coupled with Mr. Moore's bass stylings and production.  This EP is a cerebral experience that punches to the core of today's electronic scene.  Joseph Patrick Moore manages to stay ahead of trends in his pursuit of bringing worlds together through music.  "XYZ Factor" is a must-listen for fans that love jazz, electronica and all points in between.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Joseph Patrick Moore
  • CD Title: XYZ Factor
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Record Label: Blue Canoe Records
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